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Sana Farah-Bishara

Born 1964 in Nazareth, lives and works in Haifa

Graduate of the WIZO Neri Bloomfield School of Design and Education, Haifa (1985)

Baccalaureate degree in Art, Creative Endeavor, and Sociology, University of Haifa (1988)

Graduate of museology program, University of Haifa (2007)

MA, Multidisciplinary graduate studies in Humanities and the Arts, Art based research specialization, Oranim College. (2020)

Recipient of the Hermann Struck Prize, Municipality of Haifa (2007)

Her works are on display in numerous public and private collections in Israel and abroad, including the United States, Germany, London, Ramallah, Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates.

More information

Sana Farah Bishara is a renowned bronze sculptor and one of the leading Arab women in this field.   Sana Bishara creates multi-pieced work based on the women’s figure, allowing in her words, “the viewer can compose a changing narrative”.  She created a life-size statue of St. Charbel for the Maronite Church in Haifa, a sculpture installed in the industrial Park in Nazareth and work in other public places.


Presently, Sana is working with simple materials like clay and cardboard that “convey feelings of instability as an expression of family memories” in her own words.  Sana is represented in private collections around the world. 




Selected exhibitions:


  • 2018 Umm  el-fahim Art Gallery ,silent scream2018

  • 2018 Palestine Museum US, Woodbridge, CT

  • 2018 Me and the Place, Makan Gallery, Sakhnin

  • 2015 Narratives, Zawiya Gallery, Ramallah

  • 2015 HerzLilienblum Museum of Banking & Tel Aviv Nostalgia – Discount Bank, Tel Aviv

  • 2013–2015 Sculpture exhibition for inauguration of Stef Wertheimer’s industrial park, Nazareth

  • 2010 Kiyan (Existence), Palestinian Art Court - Al Hoash, Jerusalem

  • 2009 The Whole and All Its Parts , Artists House, Tel Aviv

  • 2008 Passport, Al-Mahatta Gallery, Ramallah, Jordan, Dubai

  • 2007 Pietà at the Office, Office Gallery, Tel Aviv

  • 2006 Urban or Rural, Beit Hagefen, Haifa

  • 2002 Believe! The Day Will Come! Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery and Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv

  • 1999 Man-Land, Artists House, Jerusalem

  • 1997 Women Creative Artists, Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery

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