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Modular & Multi Pieces Sculptures

Modular sculptures:  the viewer can compose a changing narrative.

The modular woman's body dealt with in most of my works expresses the complexity of a woman's life, split between her work, her aspirations, her family, and her soul, struggling and tossed simultaneously between conflictual anarchy and reconciliation and acceptance. The sculptural disassembly and separation are also metaphorical descriptions of the person separated from his family, from the view of his native landscape and from the traditional conscious patterns that were passed down from one generation to the next, until his soul fractured between several identities: social, national and gender.

The sculptures' modularity invites the viewer to touch, play and reassemble them, and allows him to observe, examine and ponder the new figure that is created from a variety of viewpoints. It is also an opportunity for him to be a partner and committed to the work containing the different and the similar, conflict and acceptance, as an invitation to a life of harmony, peace and hope.

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